Nerve fibre

Nerve Fibre 0.06mm/110m
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Smooth and strong line

Winner of Finnish magazine ERÄ 8&9 line test "best line of the test"!

Wake Nerve Fibre is a truly high end line. Manufactured in Japan, no compromises made. It is silky smooth and tractable line with high pull-out strength and very high abrasion resistance.

Nerve Fibre is the choise for demanding anglers who want the best. Excellent abrasion resistance and pull-out strength combined to lines silky coating gives you chance to use even more thinner line which makes your fishing more enjoyable and efficient.

Length: 110 m (130 yards)
Color: orange

0.06mm/0.003" 5,7kg/11lbs
0.10mm/0.004" 7kg/14lbs
0.14mm/0.006" 9.7kg/20lbs
0.16mm/0007" 11kg/23lbs
0.20mm/0.008" 13.1kg/27lbs
0.26mm/0.011" 17.8kg/38lbs
0.33mm/0.013" 24.5kg/50lbs


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