Color Description 

Kylkikiillolle on käyttöä kohtalaisen usein, koska useimmat ravintokalat väläyttelevät kylkiään hermostuessaan.

Size Description 

Product description 

Close to surface softbait

FLEE takes softbait fishing literally to a new level - to the surface. Conversely than it's original fast sinking, at the bottom working models, FLEE swoops to the surface troubled as real predator escaping bait fish. FLEE can be even bounced on the surface and over rocks and water vegetation. While sinking FLEE does not go straight down or strickly in one direction.  With suited twitches and givins some line FLEE glides excellently and sinks in suprisingly directions - as towards predators following it, to either side or with 360 spiral towards bottom.

At first we have FLEE in 3'', 4'' and 6'' sizes deadly colors fitted well in surface fishing. FLEE is allso equipped with varyable hook attachment, which allowes you to fish in many conditions: for most shallow waters you can attach hook alternatively in FLEEs back. Then lure sticks nearly never in the bottom.

3'' 7,5cm - 3'' 4g 4
4'' 10cm - 4'' 8g 3
6'' 15cm - 6'' 29g 2


5,90 €