JigWobbler - Salt Water

Black Silver
Color Description 

Black silver muistuttaa monia tavallisia saaliskaloja, kuten muikkua ja kolmipiikkiä, ja on siten perusväri moniin eri olosuhteisiin. Kirkkaan kyljen välke tulee parhaiten esiin kirkkaissa vesissä. Pilvisellä säällä toimii myös tilanteissa, joissa kohdekala saalistaa silakkaa.

Product description 

Hybrid of jig and wobbler

A new innovative hybrid lure with a novel and unique swimming action. It combines a medium fast sinking head part with a wobbler body. This action allows the lure to swim attractively while sinking and being retrieved. The swimming action is versatile and can be modified easily according to changing conditions. WAKE JigWobbler can be used to fish from top to bottom depending on how it is reeled in. Effective allso in trolling. JigWobbler - Salt Water is familys toughest guy who tolerates wery fast retrieving.

8 cm long, 29g Jigwobbler is pike anglers basic tool deeper spots. JigWobbler can be reeled in by many ways with good result. Retrieve JigWobbler aggressively near the surface, making a pause now and then: pikes in warmer waters can't resist this. 29g version is good allso for bigger zander.

15 cm JigWobbler brings a new dimension in pike angling. With this Jigwobblerilla pikes can't hide even in deepest spots. Try allso for big Zander.


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Model Length Weight Recommended depth
8 cm Salt Water 8 cm - 3 1/ 8'' 29 g - 1 oz 1,5-12 m / 5-40 ft
15cm Salt Water 15 cm - 6'' 93 g - 3 1/2 oz 3-30 m / 9 - 90 ft


14,99 €

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