Bottom Special
Color Description 

Luonnollinen väri, joka muistuttaa lähes kaikkeia pohjan pieneliöitä. Erittäin käyttökelpoinen pohjassa jurottavalle ahvenelle.

Product description 

Shad with strong kick

Flexfish is a shad soft bait with an extraordinary strong action. Thanks to flexible body and large tail, Flexfish has an exceptional and attractive swimming action – also with very slow retrieve. Unbeaten especially in muddy waters. Available also with garlic and anis flavor.

2" Flexfish is especially good when perches are feeding with small fishes. Good overall jighead size with 2" Flexfish is 1/0.

3" Flexfish suites fine for zander and perch. Over-all tool all around the year. Good overall jighead size with 3" Flexfish is 2/0.

3,5" Flexfish is good choise for zander and bigger perch. Allso pikes in warmer waters tend to like this treat. Good overall jighead size with 3.5" Flexfish is 3/0.

5'' Flexfish is a multi purpose swimbait for pike, zander and big perch. Learn how to rig Flexfish 5'' for pike angling in shallow waters. Good overall jighead size with 5" Flexfish for Zander is 4/0 and for pike 6/0. With Flexfish 5" we recommendto use stinger hook.

Model Length Weight Pcs per bag 
2'' Flexfish 2'' - 5cm 1/12oz - 3g 8
3'' Flexfish 3'' - 7,5cm 1/5oz - 5g 6
3,5'' Flexfish 3,5'' - 8,5cm 1/4oz - 7g 5
5'' Flexfish 5'' - 12,5cm 3/4oz - 20g 2


4,49 €

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