Soft Spoon

Transparent Black Silver
Color Description 

Black silver muistuttaa monia tavallisia saaliskaloja, kuten muikkua ja kolmipiikkiä, ja on siten perusväri moniin eri olosuhteisiin. Kirkkaan kyljen välke tulee parhaiten esiin kirkkaissa vesissä. Kokeilemisen arvoinen väri myös koskissa.

Product description 

Spoon with soft skin

Soft Spoon has a unique zinc S-curved “backbone” encased in a soft plastic body. It sinks slowly and tantalizingly to trigger strikes from any nearby predators.
It is also deadly when retrieved at a variety of speeds throughout the water column. You can work it with a steady crank to target game fish feeding near the surface, or let it descend deeper and employ a slower retrieve to entice fish that are suspending or relating to bottom structure.
While Soft Spoon is specially designed for a slow sink, it is heavy enough to allow optimum castability.

Soft Spoon is available in two sizes: 10cm, 16g and 15cm, 55g. The smaller SoftSpoons are designed for trout, zander and pike fishing. The bigger are especially designed for big pikes.

12,99 €

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