Spinner Aura Minnow

Black Silver Aura
Color Description 

Black silver muistuttaa monia tavallisia saaliskaloja, kuten muikkua ja kolmipiikkiä, ja on siten perusväri moniin eri olosuhteisiin. Kirkkaan kyljen välke tulee parhaiten esiin kirkkaissa vesissä. Kokeilemisen arvoinen väri myös koskissa.

Size Description 

Product description 

Non-line twisting spinner

Spinner with fish like body, which fishes can't resist.
Spinners are extremely effective, especially when water is warm. That can't anybody deny. There has allways been one major problem which has limited anglers will to fish more with spinners: often spinners tend to twist fishingline which causes other problems, shorter casts, tangled lines and therefore loss of money and valuable fishing time.
Wake Spinner Aura Minnows body shape solves this problem. Aura Minnows body is weighted so that this spinner does not twist the line, plus Wake Spinner Aura Minnow is considerable long casting lure in it's weight class.
Excellent overall tool both in streaming and still waters. At its best during warmer season, but works fine allso in cold water when reeled in slowly, when nothing else is accepted by the fish.

Aura 5cm 5cm - 2'' 6g - 1/8 oz Silver
Aura 6cm 6cm - 2,1/4'' 9g - 1/4 oz Silver
Aura 7cm 7cm - 3'' 14g - 1/2 oz Silver


4,99 €
Black Silver