Hard Spoon

Black Silver
Color Description 

Black silver muistuttaa monia tavallisia saaliskaloja, kuten muikkua ja kolmipiikkiä, ja on siten perusväri moniin eri olosuhteisiin. Kirkkaan kyljen välke tulee parhaiten esiin kirkkaissa vesissä. Kokeilemisen arvoinen väri myös koskissa.

Product description 

Wake Hard Fat:

Long casting spoon for predators. Hard Fat has little wider and rounder body which gives it quite lazy and calm kick. This is ideal for bigger predators, pikes and perches. By lifting your rod upwards and doing little twitches you can present Hard Fat just below surface, which is wery usefull when there is lots of grass and weed in water or predators are chacing baitfishes. Reeling Hard Fat in spiced with long pauses you  can fish even deeper spots with good result.
If your fishing spot has lots of weed and grass, use Baitshield with your Hard Fat.

Wake Hard Slim:

Fits well for trout, asp, pike and perch. Works nicely as in still- and streaming waters. Long casting, slim bodied, lively Hard Slim is true overall spoon.
In streaming water Hard Slim is easy to use without bottom contacts, thanks to Slims body shape. Pikes and perches tend to like lively Slim when they are chacing small baitfish. Works fine even in seatrout fishing!

Hard Fat 6cm - 2,1/4 22g - 2/3 oz  
Hard Slim 7cm - 3'' 11g - 1/3 oz  


4,99 €

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