Siek Kuhakelmi

Product description 

Scatter-lipped wobbler

Kuhakelmi 9cm

Traditional formed wobbler designed for zander and pike, trolling and spinning.

Kuhakelmi 9cm is scatter-lipped bait with wide color range including many colors designed by competiting fishermen.
Swimming action is lively, side-to-side wobbling. Kuhakelmi 9cm tolerates quite high trolling speed/retrieving. In trolling Kuhakelmi 9cm dives around two meters depth.


Kuhakelmi 12cm

Kuhakelmi 12cm big brother for Kuhakelmi 9cm. Kuhakelmi 12cm has more lazy swimming action which is good for bigger pike and bigger zander.
Kuhakelmi 12 is equipped with scatter-lip and tolerates quite high trolling speed and retrieving. In trolling Kuhakelmi 12cm dives to 2-3 meters depth.

7,90 €

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