13 - Concept E

Product description 

True high-end reel

“Ladies and gentleman, weighing in at 5.85oz and wielding 22lbs of face wrenching, jaw jacking, high-fiving drag - 13 Fishing’s Concept E"
Equipped with our Beetle Wing Rapid access side plate, and the new Stage 13 expert braking system... you are able to squeeze every last inch out of ever cast.

Something better

Featherweight Magnesium Body and Side plate construction, Ceramic Hybrid Bearings and a Japanese Dead Stop Anti-Reverse make this easily one of the best performing reels ever created.

The Ocean Armor Saltwater Protection process makes this reel formidable in both fresh and saltwater.

Line capacity: 100m / 12lb

• Stage 13 Braking System
• 22 Lbs. of Fish Stopping Carbon Drag
• 5.85oz (166g)
• eatherweight Magnesium Chassis with Ocean Armor Coating
• eatherweight Magnesium Side Plates with Ocean Armor Coating
• 3+3+4+1 Ceramic C-Stainless Hybrid/Anti-Corrosion/Stainless High Spin Bearings
• Dead Stop Japanese NTN Anti Reverse System
• Concept Cork Knobs
• Fresh or Saltwater Strong
• Trick Shop Compatible
• Beetle Wing Rapid Access System


E6.6-RH Right 163g 65cm
E7.3-RH Right 163g 72cm
E8.1-RH Right 163g 80cm

13 Fishing Concept E hyrräkela

13 Fishing Concept E hyrräkela

13 Fishing Concept E hyrräkela

13 Fishing Concept E hyrräkela




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