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Wide range of rods for modern fisherman

Omen Black
The rod series that empowered angler’s everywhere to take their fishing to the next level has been redesigned for 2016 and is better than ever. Available in a full line of tournament tested actions with Japanese 30 Ton Toray blanks incorporating Poly Vector Graphite Technology results in a lighter, more sensitive, more durable rod. Omen Black features hand selected 3A Portuguese full cork handles, double diamond coated Alps guides, Evolve Engage reel seats, and a snagless hook keeper, making them the most well balanced and sensitive rods in
their class.

Omen Musky
The Omen Musky was designed for battle with the biggest and baddest muskellunge of the waterway. It doesn’t matter if you are fishing in a lake or river, you will be walking in with a gun to a knife fight. Become every musky’s worst nightmare, they will tell stories of you for generations.
Built on Japanese 30 Ton Toray blanks, The Omen Musky is light, sensitive, and responsive. Its fine tuned tapers are designed to tackle every technique in the book. The rod’s soft touch reel seat and full cork handle with EVA pads give you a firm grip and complete control when engaged in battle. Outfitted with rugged Evolve stainless steel guides with zirconia inserts ensure that the only thing breaking in combat is the fish’s will.

*PVG 30T
Poly Vector Graphite Technology: PVG allows for the strategic interlacing of graphite to precisely control the fiber angler alignment during the blank rolling process. PVG’s tighter graphite composition increases sensitivity and hoop strength by preventing energy loss due to ovalization under extreme pressure.


OB2C71MH-2 2 Casting 7'1" / 212cm 3/8 - 1 oz / 10-28g
OB2C71MH‐T 3 Casting 7'1" / 212cm 3/8 - 1 oz / 10-28g
OB2S610ML-2 2 Spinning 6'1" / 182cm 1/8 - 3/8 oz / 3,5-10g
OB2S71M-2 2 Spinning 7'1" / 212cm 3/16 - 5/8 oz / 5-18g
OB2S73MH-2 2 Spinning 7'3" / 218cm 1/2 - 1 1/4 oz / 14-35g
OB2C73H 1 Casting 7'3" / 218cm 3/8 - 1 1/2 oz / 10-42g
OBC77XH 1 Casting 7'7" / 228cm 4 - 12 oz / 112-336g
OBC81H 1 Casting 8'1" / 242cm 2-6 oz / 56-168g

Omen Black - Excellence Prevails from 13 Fishing on Vimeo.

13 Fishing Omen Black vapa

13 Fishing Omen Black vapa

13 Fishing Omen Black vapa

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