Sniper fishing above the reeds

Early spring is a real high season for Northern pike anglers. As we know, pikes like to hide at shallow bays, deep in the reeds where aglers tend to have problems to offer lures effectively. Usually the lure either sinks too fast or the hook grabs the reeds. Try this trick and both of the problems become much lesser.

Rig Flexfish 5'' with one triangle hook from the baits back - You'll get nearly suspending lure which is easy to handle in the middleand above the reeds. 

You'll need Flexfish 5'' Soft Bait, quite stiff wire leader, for example Jawline 100 lb, wire sleeves if your wire leader is too stiff to knot and a triangle hook which fits the softbait, for example size 2/0. The main thing with the hook is that the hook's gape is wider than the soft bait's back. You'll also need pliers to tighten the sleeves.

Push gently wire leader in from the back and out from the head of the soft bait. You can also use a long and thick needle if your wire leader is not stiff enough to go through the soft bait. Don't cut the line.

Place the sleeve in the wire and make a loop by stringing the wire again in the sleeve. Close the sleeve very tightly by pressing it with sleeve pliers. If your wire leader is flexible enough, for example Jawline 45 lb, you can knot it with Perfection loop - the instructions for this are on the back side of Jawlines bag. 


Cut the line but leave it long enough to work with it. Place the sleeve in the wire and hook in line after the sleeve. You can also knot the hook in the wire leader if the material is flexible enough.

String the line back in the sleeve and close the sleeve very tightly by pressing it with sleeve pliers. Cut the extra line. 


Now you got a suspending sniper gun in and above the reeds. You can also rig the hook on the belly side. This will make the action of the bait little calmer.