Urban fishing

You can enjoy fishing, even in the heart of city. It is not always necessary to go out with boat, find big river or mountain stream. If town is located by sea, lake or river there is many potential fishing spots. Often people go by these spots or bother not to try those. The advantage of these urban fishing spots is that you can quickly and easily go fishing, catch plenty of fish, without any hassle.

Channels and rivers which are going through city are often offering good spots, especially nearby bridges. Harbours and piers are always worth of trying, even you can not find romantic scenery from there. Avoid fishing from beaches where people tend to go swimming.

Urban fishing is at it's best with light gear. Especially drop-shotting and micro jigging has been really efficient and fitting in urban spots. With light reels and rods even smaller fish are really nice to catch.

Enjoy urban fishing, be  open-minded, find new spots and keep it light.