Spoon in ice fishing

Do you ever need slowly sinking and wobbling lure with quite large profile for ice fishing? In other words; lure for zander and big perch. And this lure should be affordable too.

Wake Shallow Spoon is developed for trout fishing on shallow shores. But Shallow Spoon works fine also in ice fishing!
Slow sinking rate, tempting wobbling and rattling makes Shallow Spoon an excellent lure for ice fishing. With short and quite aggressive pulls Shallow Spoon has shorter and more rapid action. With more gently and longer pulls Shallow Spoon makes longer curves and sinks slowly wobbling from side to side. Due to its rattling sound Shallow Spoon attracts predators effectively also in murky waters. 

With Shallow Spoon you can effectively and slowly enough fish in shallow waters. Benefit of fishing slowly in cald waters is that often the fish you get tend to be bigger!